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With Cloud Hosting, you get all the flexibility,
reliability, speed and security you need to build your
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Cloud Hosting

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Cloud Exchange

Connect, share, and communicate with cloud service providers without relying entirely on the internet.

Office 365

Office 365 allows you to create, share, and collaborate with your favorite apps all in one spot.
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Traffic Booster

Increase website traffic, generate new leads, and increase revenue.
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VPS Cloud Server

Optimized and intended to adapt to pre-production and production settings designed to meet all of your demands and scale up as your business grows


We deliver static and dynamic content via our fast global network to ensure you deliver lightning-fast, secure, and dependable end-user experiences.
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Managed Cloud Hosting

Save time and money by using easy and dependable cloud hosting.
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Site Lock

Secure and monitor your website anytime, easily and fast.

Web Design

Customize your website to meet your specific business requirements.
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IT Security

Protect corporate assets, including computers, networks, and data, from illegal access.

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Having over 20 years of experience in the hosting industry Global Web Hosting has a track record of reliability and expertise in providing hosting services. As a Boutique hosting provider, we offer customized solutions, and a more personalized approach to customer support.



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